The Benefits of Greenwalls






  • Evaporative cooling from water capture and holding
  • Noise control (hard surfaces such as concrete and glass provide much stronger reflections and therefore nosier environments)
  • Biophilic noises (therapeutic noises associated with nature such as wind blowing through plants)
  • Less smog
  • Better air quality, both indoor and outdoor
  • Art opportunities
  • Opportunity to grow food in an urban environment
  • Pleasant recreation spaces – plants and soil make us happier both psychologically and scientifically[1]





  • Less sewer overflow due to rain harvesting
  • Biodiversity in plantings leads to increased biodiversity in insects and birds which would not otherwise live in an urban environment
  • Potential to grow native and rare plants.
  • Better air quality
  • Improved water quality through natural filtering
  • Reduced “Urban Heat Island” effect




  • Thermal mass provides a cooler building and energy savings
  • Building envelope longevity
  • Better environmental building rating (e.g. Green Star rating[2])
  • Potential increase in property value